MEDI SYSTEMS is the leading manufacturer of Medical Equipments particularly in PSYCHIATRY PSYCHOLOGY & PHARMACOLOGY since April 1991.
We have our own dedicated team in Research & Development of entire range of equipments in Psychiatry & Psychology.

MEDI SYSTEMS Quality Management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards.
MEDI SYSTEMS is marketing all equipment very successfully in India & abroad to all the prestigious Medical Institutes, PSYCHIATRISTS & PSYCHOLOGISTS practising privately.


MEDI SYSTEMS is proud to get the honour to be the 1st company in India who successfully launched our product MULTI BEHAVIOUR THERAPY MBT 4 in 1 & tDCS with very advanced features.
MEDI SYSTEMS has recently launched successfully Rigidometer PC based with automatic report generation.
Our tDCS Transcranial Direct Current Stimulator Patient model & Clinical Model has become the 1st choice of every 3rd Psychiatrist in India. We have sold to a no. Of reputed Medical research institutions in India.
MEDI SYSTEMS provide the prompt after sales service to our valuable customers.


Our major product lines are —-
tDCS ( Transcranial Direct Current Stimulator ) Multi Behaviour Therapy MBT 4 in 1, ECT Machines, Electrosleep apparatus, Brain Polariser, Aversion Therapy , Rigidometer, GSR Biofeedback, Audio- visual Reaction Timer , Critical Flicker Fusion Apparatus, Tachistoscope, Depth Perception Test , Bassin Anticipation Timer , Steadyness Test, Vacuum Therapy , DILATORS etc.

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